Several of our wallpaper patterns are authentic reproductions of historic wall coverings from collections or examples found in historic houses. Others are based on designs from period publications such as pattern books and trade journals. Whenever designs are adapted for wallpaper, appropriate scale and colors are selected using historic exemplars as models. Careful attention is given to the suitable use of gold and other metallic accents when recreating a period wallpaper.

Wallpaper is perhaps the most ephemeral of all goods used in home decoration. Time and changing tastes have obliterated many historic interiors, but a surprising amount of historic wallpaper has survived and more examples come to light every day. If you would like to share your "find" - please contact us. We are always interested in seeing new discoveries of historic wallpaper and may be able to tell you a little more about when and where your wallpaper was made.

Patent wallpaper? When we think of patents, inventions and technological innovations come to mind, but the United States Patent Office also issues design patents, which afford protection similar to copyright. A handful of wallpaper manufacturers applied for patents in the 19th century; among them, Wilson and Fenimores of Philadelphia. In 1876 they contracted Christopher Dresser to create a group of patterns especially for the American market. The following year, the firm was awarded patents for these designs and began an advertising blitz; touting these wallpapers as exclusive to Wilson and Fenimores. We selected one of these Dresser designs to include in our Modern Ornamentation collection. Read more…

Above, Avery with the 1878 pattern book design protoype.

At left, Hudson Enrichment, and an original document sample.

Uncovering the history of this exquisite design began with finding a sample of the wallpaper frieze in the British Patent Office and eventually led to revealing the identity of the designer. (Read more...)

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